How to clean track lights

2024-06-07 31

1、 Prepare things and materials

Dry or soft cotton cloth: used to scrub the surface of trajectory lights, avoiding the use of rough fabrics to avoid scratching the lights.

Alcohol or paint thinner (if required): used to clean difficult to remove stains such as latex paint.

Neutral detergent (if required): used to treat oil stains or other stubborn stains.

2、 Cleaning steps

Preliminary scrubbing:

Use a dry or soft cotton cloth to quietly scrub the surface of the track light to remove dust and dirt.


Pay special attention not to use water for direct cleaning, especially for live parts, to prevent electric shock.

Handling special stains:

If there are difficult to remove stains such as latex paint on the track light, alcohol or paint thinner can be used for cleaning.

Prepare a cotton swab or soft cloth and dip it in an appropriate amount of alcohol or diluent.

Gently scrub the stains until they are removed.

If the stains are stubborn, you can test using a neutral detergent combined with hot water for cleaning, but be careful not to let the water temperature be too high to avoid damaging the lighting fixtures.

View and protect:

During the cleaning process, check if there is any detachment or looseness in the internal parts of the track light.

If any parts are found to be damaged, they should be replaced with new ones in a timely manner.

Article source: Zhongshan Rail Light Manufacturer