How to achieve high cost-effectiveness for track lights

2024-06-07 28

Select appropriate trajectory types and materials:

Track type: Select open or concealed track lights based on space height and decoration style. Small units or spaces with lower floor heights are more suitable for selecting surface mounted thin style track lights.

Trajectory materials: It is recommended to choose aluminum trajectories because aluminum is lighter, less prone to rust, and has a long service life. Prevent selecting heavy trajectories and increase the risk of ceiling cracking.

Pay attention to the quality and light efficiency of lamp heads:

Select anti glare lamp head panel materials, such as micro diamond crystal and acrylic panel, to ensure the lighting effect and practicality.

Pay attention to the depth of the lamp cup. The deeper the spotlight cup, the better the anti glare effect and the easier it is to create the ideal lighting effect.

Consider the color rendering index (CRI) of the lighting fixture and select products with a CRI ≥ 98 to ensure high color restoration of the item.


Pay attention to heat dissipation planning and protection:

Select a trajectory light with a cooling plan at the bottom to improve the lifespan of the lamp.

Pay attention to power line planning and select trajectory lights with ground wire planning to ensure proper use and prevent leakage hazards.

Convenient devices and protection:

Select integrated magnetic suction planning trajectory lights for easy installation and disassembly, reducing the hassle of the installation process.

Consider providing free lighting planning services as it can save time and effort in planning.

Article source: Zhongshan Rail Light Manufacturer